Allows businesses to manage communications with their various customers through an application installed on their phones.Through CallerBee you can assign your customers to various Managers and Associates within your organization and track their progress. Choose the plan that Best suits your business, if you have any queries we are just a call away.

Free BasicProfessional Business
Total Points
100 Members limit/ community 1000 Member limit/ community 2000 Member limit/ community 5000 Member limit/ community
Price $120.00/Month $180.00/Month $240.00/Month
Online Forum Support Mail Support Mail Support Mail/ Call Support
Price $120.00/Month $180.00/Month $240.00/Month
Free Updates Free Updates Free Updates Free Updates
Price $120.00/Month $180.00/Month $240.00/Month
$0 $16/month $25/month $40/ Month
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Customer Rewards System:

Allows business owners to customize their loyalty program to track and reward loyal customers. Customers can redeem cash on their ListPM Owner Wallet on repeated purchases. Business owners can also send their social media handles to the customers via email or SMS.

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